Invoice Plane 1.4.8 wont work with php 5.3

Tried upgrading to 1.4.8 from the previous version. I wanted to do this as any invoices I was creating requested customers to enter a password. Even though I had not sent them with a required password.
My hosting provider won’t let me change to php 5.4 so I can’t upgrade Invoice Plane.
I then tried to roll back to the previous version but when I tried to download the install files they are no longer available.

Is there any way to either

  1. roll back to an older version or

  2. install Invoice Plane using php 5.3

Please stop using PHP 5.3 immediately. Using this version is a huge security risk for you and others.
InvoicePlane should work with 5.4 but I recommend using either 5.5 or a newer version.

Great, Thanks. Can I not roll back to the previous version to download all previous records?

Well as stated in the upgrade guide you should make a backup of your database and files. If you’ve done this you can delete the current folder and put in the backup’ed files and the database.

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