Email Not Sending

When i am sending quote or invoice blank screen appear…

log here -

whats your email configuration in /invoice/index.php/settings / email??
PHP email sendemail or smtp??


its could configure according your Host Details
SMTP Server Address :
Requires Authentication : Yes
SMTP Username :
SMTP Password : password
SMTP Port : 587 or 465
Security : TSl

you could check it by gmail configure as bellow:
SMTP Server Address :
Requires Authentication : Yes
SMTP Username :
SMTP Password : password
SMTP Port : 587
Security : TSL
if you get error again contact your Hosting administrator.


actually i got blank screen not error… and i am running my another php application with SMTP and this application is running perfectly…

Just Enable the Debug Mode in setting see the message .

Its already enabled…

I’m also having troubles getting blank screen after sending mail. No errors. Tried to sent mail trough gmail, still the same.

as first please check other option for sending mail like php mail or sendmail in setting list. still any error???
if you use local server check SMTP extension is enable in Php.ini . after enable restart apache

I tried sendmail option (linux) and that works. When I use SMTP settings it won’t. Well it works now.
Thanks for your quick response!

Kind regards,

Huub de Groot.

Could you explain how you solved the problem for other who might have the same problem?

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I set the sendmail option to sendmail:

I have tested the sendmail commandline option of my server with:
echo “test” | ./sendmail ( is not the mail I use :slight_smile: )

No errors on the commandline sendmail and with above mail settings InvoicePlane is sending the mail correct.

BTW. This is awesome software !! Love it and want to use it for my wife’s (small)office.

(Using Debian Jessie /usr/sbin/sendmail is used…

(On commandline I used ./sendmail, because I was testing it in /usr/sbin

at final on linux we have some option to enable with apache
1- Postfix Mail Server
2- sendmail
also dont forgot enable smtp extension in php

i have same error … just blank page after sent email button clicked

Strangely, I’ve also run into the same problem. But for me, SMTP, sendmail, php mailer, nothing works. Just white page. I’ve enabled debug mode. Nothing comes up in application/logs except some mpdf notices. Apache error log is clean. I’m running ubuntu 14.04. SMTP in InvoicePlane was working last week. Also, I tested sending email via SMTP using swaks. It worked. Yet, white screen in InvoicePlane. Any help where I can get more logs?

I have also go this white page after send email is run, emails not going through. Previous was working fine using PHPMail setting. Sendmail not working for me, white page also. hosted on