InvoicePlane is searching for new Contributors / Developers

I’m very happy to announce that InvoicePlane now has a new, small team of people who are willing to continue the project with me.

We decided to rewrite InvoicePlane to get a stable and up-to-date foundation for the following years. The developers voted for the following technology stack:

  • Laravel 5
  • Bootstrap 4 + jQuery

But to successfully finish the rewrite we could need more help. We need you.

We need your help

We are searching for:

  • Core developers who take care of core modules
  • Contributors who assist us with feature and hotfix contributions

and also

  • Frontend developers who take care of the UI and UX of the application
  • Testers who will try the application on various devices and environments

We will give you something back too

  • InvoicePlane already has a huge community and is constantly growing. You will for sure find new friends and learn a lot of new things.
  • You will be part of a team that provides free and open source software for people who can’t afford expensive software thus make working mutch easier.
  • Improve your development skills by writing code and tests for a software that will be used world wide.
  • Our developers can get a PhpStorm open source license for free, sponsored by Jetbrains.


Join our Slack chat and contact me (Kovah) directly. I will guide you and answer any questions.

Also take a look at the current application so you will know when we want to build with Laravel.

Last but not least: please enter your development skills into this spreadsheet so we can plan all resources.

Information about the organization

General information about the development: Wiki entry
Used tools, frameworks and libraries: Wiki entry

You can help, even if you are no developer

You don’t have to be a developer to help us. You can help us by spreading the word about us and sharing this announcement so many possible developers will notice it.

Just click the link icon at the bottom and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and co.


Happy to test out and contribute where I can. I am not a developer / programmer.
As I have currently migrated from an aging invoice platform to this fantastic platform recently.

I am a budding developer but not so much conversant with Laravel. I have worked with CodeIgniter so I might not be resourceful. I however commend this project and the efforts put into its success. It is a great software and and sure many who have tested it will agree.

Great work and wish you success. I will be happy to test when its all done.

Awesome project! I really do want to contribute to it.

While i am not an expert programmer, i am very experienced with front-end development.
I know Bootstrap very well, and jQuery, HTML and CSS 100% but i only know the basics of PHP.

I started a Invoice project in Drupal, before i found InvoicePlane. So developing Invoice Systems are not completely new to me.

Is the source code located somewhere like GitHub or BitBucket?

Looking forward to join the contrib. team