1.4.8 Can NOT update?


I have so far been running 1.4.6 and wanted to upadte today.

What I have done is to follow the instructions on the Wiki:

Update InvoicePlane
Make a backup of your database and all files.
Download the latest version from InvoicePlane.com.
Copy all files to the root directory of your InvoicePlane installation but do not overwrite the file /application/config/database.php!
Open http://yourdomain.com/setup and follow the instructions. The app will run all updates on it’s own.
Login again and check if everything is working.

When I open …/setup nothing really happens - only my regular InvoicePlane opens up…
When I then go to setting and want to check the version, it still shows 1.4.6.

tried this a number of times - no avail… always the same.

Any help is welcome…


Check your .htaccess because you have probably put in a redirect from /setup to / so that you block unwanted access to your setup page.

Redirect /setup http://example.com/

If you comment out this by puting a # in front of it, you should be able to upgrade


Brilliant - had totally forgotten I had done that during the initial setup.

thanks again

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