V2 Rewrite - Framework Polls

As there are way more people interested in a complete rewrite of the software (see this poll) the question is which foundation we should use to build InvoicePlane 2?

There are three polls available and please add your vote to each of them.

PHP Framework

The main framework that will be used to write the backend for the application.

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CSS Framework

The main CSS framework that is used to build the app without having to create all components and style them.

JavaScript Framework / Library

This is not needed by default as we will take care of most parts with jQuery. But using a framework / library could make sense to improve the functionality of the app.
Please remember: while Vue.js can be used to enhance only particular elements and functions, frameworks like Angular only make sense if you build the complete UI with it, which increases the overall workload.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There’s also a Slack chat you can join.

It’s always better to be with Laravel, but there is another more complete stable framework based around solid Laravel framework and its Octobercms. Even if it’s sounds like CMS but I never think it as a CMS it’s a complete developer friendly package with all power of Laravel and completely modular structure. Designing InvoicePlane as Octobercms Plugin or at least having pluggability with Octobercms is a great advantage.
This will increase the user base and will be nice option to have many other application to be develop and use along with Invoiceplane (For example using existing or having new Payment, Auth, storage plugins). @Kovah , I suggest reading and thinking about about this option.
Any web application always has following common features.

  1. Smooth Installation process
  2. Auto upgrade without hassles.
  3. Extending ability without changing actual core codebase.
  4. Ability to have plugin support.
    And many other generic features which are not part of core functionalities.
    There is no point in reinventing these features. These are very well implemented in octobercms and reached a stable release. Also these are very important features for any web application.

I voted Symfony purely because I use other software on the same framework. I’m quite happy to take the advice of those more qualified and go with Laravel!