InvoicePlane v2 AJAX issues


I’m having issues after i install the v2, i’ve setup the environment correctly, but for some reason any of the AJAX calls are working, is this an issue of paths? can you please advise.


InvoicePlane v2? This is not even an alpha version and not ready to be tested in any way.
If you want to use the app please use InvoicePlane v1.

Thank you for Answering so quickly!

Yes i’ve installed the version 1 and is great, but since I was thinking to create several features, I wanted to use your last work! Since all libraries are pretty much updated.

I could achieve the installation, and i see a lot of issues that i would like to fix :slight_smile:

Anyways thank you again for this great project, if you have any small guidance that would be good.

Maybe you could take a look at the following topics, I’m looking for developers who want to help:

Yes, i’ve voted and talk about that. We are a small company in Argentina, we like your number 1 because we use CodeIgniter daily. I was afraid you start onto Laravel, so i will simply fork version 1 and update all the libraries and add features, I will share this soon to you.


Thank you for the interest. I would be very happy if someone could finish some open issues and update the app.

If you want you could take a look at the issue tracker: