Is it easy to incorporate Fusioninvoice features like Expenses, Profit & Loss?

I just installed Invoice Plane. Loved it. Great job guys!

Was playing around with the demo Fusioninvoice and found a few features like Expenses, Reports (Profit & Loss, etc.) 1 screen invoice creation with new client (combine client and invoice in 1 page), Items lookup, etc are great features to be incorporated into Invoice Plane.

We will try our best.
By the way: item lookups are already available but named products.

I just started programming PHP & MySQL. Enough knowledge to “copy & paste” and change the variables to make simple things work.

I want to attempt to to add Expenses feature myself ;).

Do I start by duplicating a folder from the application/modules/xxx to application/modules/expenses?

Uhm… that wont work. Fusioninvoice and InvoicePlane are completely different systems. By the way: an expenses module is already in development:

Is this Expenses Module functional now? Can I just incorporate the 17 changes to the new v1.4.8?

What else need to be completed? I have time to help but I’m not a good programmer. :slight_smile:

I don’t know and I currently have only little time to check new features. You could try the module but it needs to be tested properly.

Any update on this module? How can we test it out?

Update of the expense module please? even if we have to pay for it…

No there is no update for this module.