Stopped working and showing redirecting problem

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I am using this amazing software for one of my client. I customized it according to client’s required and was working fine.

All sudden, it is giving too many redirects errors!

coming blank page with this error notice – redirected you too many times.

Any chance can i get a light on it?

Do you use the .htaccess file? If yes please disable it and try again.

Thank you for quick response. I disabled .htaccess but still same thing :frowning:

Did you tried another browser?

Yes, also i cleared caches. If you want i can provide you my cPanel details?
PS: i am happy to pay little fees if required :slight_smile:

Any help please?

Are you using ssl for InvoicePlane?

no . i am not

I have had this issue with a reverse proxy that is misconfigured. Since you don’t mention having a proxy, I recommend looking for whatever changed. If this happened all of the sudden, then something must have changed. Do you have any backups of your invoice plane folder or your server configs to compare?

I am thinking that it could be related to the web server configuration. You mentioned setting this up for your client so double check that you’re initial setup has not been altered in some way. Perhaps a software update replaced a config file. Or an employee with good intentions tried to “improve” the server and it didn’t work quite right. Just a thought

I’m curious about your solution. Let me know if you make any progress

Thanks for reply zef. Unfortunately, nothing been changed/touched as server is our own dedicated server where 200+ other sites been hosted.

however, today we will do a fresh new installation to see how it goes. I will update you.