PDF Generation issue. Invoice not found in DB?

Hello there,

Since I did the upgrade to 1.4.7 by overcoming the issue described in here. .htaccess problem for every new invoice the PDFs only contain the footer, old invoices are working well.

I thought this must have something to do with errors in the db so I checked. I found out, that the DB records for new invoices seem to be a little bit different as before. Instead of “Zero” 0/0.00 values it uses “NULL”

is_read_only and invoice_discount_amount in ip_invoices were set to NULL instead of 0 and 0.00 respectively. Was this intentional?

Setting those to the numerical values did not do the trick but maybe there are other changes that provoke this error.

Then I realised that calling a link with an id that doesn’t exist does produce the same exact PDF.


/invoices/generate_pdf/12 older invoice, created pre 1.4.7, works normally

/invoices/generate_pdf/13 new invoice, created post 1.4.7, produces blank PDF with footer

/invoices/generate_pdf/14 does not exist, produces same exact result

This is due to the status id of new invocies. Only paid invoices do generate correct pdfs:

After tracing the whole pdf creation down to the generate_invoice_pdf I realised that the InvoicePlane.php template file had a file size of 0. I don’t know how this happened, but replacing this file with the original one it worked flawlessly.

This topic can be closed.

Thanks for your help


New Information: Copying an old record, linking the product manually in phpMyAdmin, seems to do the Job, I guess somethings wrong with the invoice creation…

When invoice_status_id field is set to 4 (Paid) then the pdf is generated correctly. Values from 1-3 don’t work.