Install last version on Xampp


I want to install version 1.4.7 of invoiceplane on XAMPP.
I installed the latest XAMPP on my pc, copied the invoiceplane files to htdocs, checked the htaccess file and mod_write enabled. But when I want to access http://localhost/setup I get a 404-error.

The latest version of XAMPP is version 5.6 of PHP. The prereq of invoiceplane tells me I need to use PHP version 5.4. I can’t find a XAMPP with version 5.4 of PHP.

Kind regards

Just try it without the .htaccess modification as it’s not needed for the app to run.

No, it tells you to use a PHP version greater than 5.4.

Same problem. Any more suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Did you also tried localhost/index.php/setup?

Dear Kovah,

I’ve done the test but without sucess. I install Wamp and still the same
Could you help please

The module is on:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

AllowOverride all Require all granted

Please try to set up a virtual host and try again.
Example tutorial:

I can’t help you any further because I don’t use any Windows-based hosting solutions.