1.4.6.update to 1.4.7 still showing 1.4.6 - setup ran fine!

Hi all!

I have updated to 1.4.7 from 1.4.6 and the /setup ran fine and reported the DB updated etc. However the version has not updated in the Settings - System Settings - Update page.

I read the other similar posts but I had removed the redirect for setup and so did not have any error showing on the run through.

Any ideas? Can I check with something differing between the two to confirm it is 1.4.7 and not 1.4.6?



If the app still shows the old version the update was not completely successful. Please try again with a backup of the old system.

same again, no errors showing in apache logs, no errors on screen. All screens suggest each stage completes ok.

Is there any logging options I can try to see what is not happening? Is it more likely to be a DB issue?

Please check your database and confirm, that e.g. in the ip_invoice_items table, the item_name column has VARCHAR(500) as the data type.
If yes, all setup database actions should be completed successfully and somehow the setup did not upgrade the version.

It looks like VARCHAR(100) - I presume that was pre-upgrade?

Yes it is, seems that no database upgrades were run.

Please send me the content of your ip_versions table as direct message.