InvoicePlane 1.4.7 Setup gets stuck at User account creation

I am doing a clean installation of version 1.4.7 but cant get pass the “Create User Account” screen.

I fill in all the details but it keeps on clearing the form when i click “Next” and i have to fill in everything again.

Its stuck in a loop. Any advice?

If i go back to my URL it seems InvoicePlane is installed but the username and password doesnt work. So if i request a password reset the username doesnt exist as it never accepted the username

Could you please take a look at the /application/logs/ folder? There should be some error logs in there besides index.html. Please save the content to and post the link here.

I tried installing it but get stuck in a loop at the “User Account Creation” screen. Cant get pass it. Every time i fill in the details and click “Next” it just clears the form and i have to re enter everything. Any advice?

Here are the logs

Thank you

Any update for me. I sent you the logs as requested?

Should i just give up and use the old version or is someone going to try at least and assist me?

Sorry, I’m not able to help you at the moment, there are no error logs that are helpful at the moment.