Combine invoice into one bill (invoice)

For some projects it would be nice if you could combine different invoices into a project (of a sort).
Let’s say you are doing different jobs inside a house. The project exists of two jobs:

  • placing a new kitchen
  • placing a new bathroom
    I would like to be able to create two detailed invoices for both jobs and an invoice that combines the two invoices into one,
    For some clients the detailed invoices are not important, they just want to know what the total costs are, but others want to know the details and I want to know the details as well.
    Is there a way to create this now, is it planned, or is it a feature for v2?

I just started using invoiceplane 1.4.6 for a month now and it looks great. Thanks!

Maybe I could help with the project (create the feature myself), but I’m not sure where to start…