New item type for notes (headline + comment)

It would be nice to have a new item-type “notes” without quantity, price, item discount or tax rate – just pure text.

This “notes” could also be stored in table ip_invoice_items, which would just need a new boolean column like “is_note”.

I have attached a suggestion how it could look in the GUI:

The PDF-template changes would be easy. I have already tried it with some products, that i have created as a workaround:

<?php $note_product_ids = array(11,25, 32); ?>
/* (11,25,32 are the ids of the products that i use for headlines) */

if (in_array($item->item_product_id, $note_product_ids) && ($item->item_subtotal == 0)){
	echo '<tr><td class="headline" ' . ($show_discounts ? 'colspan="5"' : 'colspan="4"') . "><b>" . $item->item_name . "</b></td></tr>";
else{ ?>
		... the usual items ...
<?php } ?>