Amount not show on correctly invoice pdf


I’m using the version 1.4.6 over centos 6 and see a possible bug, when create a invoice all work as well, you apply the discount (image 1) and show correctly but when export to pdf, the total amount of the item not show correctly, show the amount without the discount (image 2).

On admin page, when edit the invoice:

On pdf file generated:

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Did you saved after editing the item and then generated the PDF?

experiencing the same issue. on a discounted item, the item non-discounted total amount shows on the PDF item “total” instead of the discounted amount, but the total and balance amount for the items combined total is correct. the invoice was previously saved, and I tried the client view with the same results.
it appears to me that the PDF creation is reading the “Subtotal” value instead of the “Total” value for that particular item.

I believe my assumption about the PDF creation reading the SubTotal instead of the Total amount is correct.
I modified the following:



echo format_currency($item->item_subtotal);


echo format_currency($item->item_total);

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yes, when the invoice is locked (payed), then export to pdf, there is the problem, not in the website, in the website show correctly.

Thank you Kovah

what file controls the values for paid invoices in output of PDF? thank you.

Made the same changes that I had expressed above to the paid template as well located in the same folder.
“InvoicePlane - paid.php”

You can save as another file and assign this as the paid template in the “Settings” under “Invoices”.

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Thank you xzone9, I will try do this and feedback soon :slight_smile:

Now show as well, thank you.