Email template - invoice


I just need few explanations regarding

I have entered 10 days as Invoices Due After (Days).

If invoice is paid on 29.01.2015. I should make it recurring at 19.01.2016. right, if I wanna have a payment due date on 29.01.2016.? Which template will the system automatically send on 19.01.2016?

And also - if I turn on Automatically email recurring invoices, will it automatically send emails as I mark invoice paid or sent or viewed? Or it will send automatically only one Email template and that is it for that recurring invoce?

Yes, you need to set the date to 19.1.2016.
The mail is sent with whatever template you specify in the settings at “Default Email template”.

An email will only be sent once, on the creation of the new invoice. The status will then be set to “sent”. There are no more automatic mails (for now).

Cool :smiley: Tnx!