Email doesn't work

Dear Invoiceplane community!

I have succesfully installed my own InvoicePlane on my server. I set up every detail from the settings and stuff (so I set the email to).

Now I am 100% sure my email settings are correct (with SMTP). And when I made a new test account on my personal email and tried to request a new password on the login page. It doesn’t send an email.

I also tried other email methods, But they don’t work either.

My webhost does meet the requirements for this software, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

My InvoicePlane nicely says: “Email has been sent”. But I don’t receive anything. Also not in my spam folder of my email I should receive the password reset link on.

Now I checked my noreply email (which I use to email these kind of things). And I saw that InvoicePlane didn’t even send an email. Otherwise I would knew hotmail / outlook servers blocked my email.

Could you guys help me out? Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Justin

Could you please post more information about your email host?

My email does work, I have an email of

I have a full working SMTP, it works with any other mail client to (outlook etc.)

  • Justin


Still haven’t got an answer :frowning:

  • Justin

i also have that problem. email not working on my local server. it getting error “Could not instantiate mail function.”

+BUMP. Still no fix :confused:

There will be no fix in the near future. I tested InvoicePlane with all available sending methods (SMTP, SendMail and PHP Mail) and all methods worked.
SMTP was tested with Mandrill, Google Mail and an own mail server.


OK, So I think I found the problem!

Here is a screenshot:

(I am using PHP email now)

So, the password reset email sends from an invalid email address. (system@**www.** ???

How can I remove that www. from the email sender. Maybe it will then send emails?


  • Justin

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