Additional Tax Rate Field in the dynamic Items Table

Hello There,

Was trying my hand on adding new fields in the invoice fields. Was fortunate enough to add fields in different sections, but struck at the Items table in the Invoice form. Was trying to add additional Tax Rate Fields which would lookup values from the same place from where the existing tax rate picks values, but needs help in further associated functionality in the same way as has been done in the original product.

Though have been able to put the additional Tax Rate field adjacent to the existing Tax Rate field in the Items dynamic table and save them also in the updated "ip_invoice_items" table.

I am struck in the place where I need to pick up the saved value corresponding to the newly selected Tax Rate options box and display it on the Items table as plain text and eventually use it as display in the summary section below.

The place where I looking for help is in “mdl_items.php” file under method “function default_join()”. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry, can’t help you personally. Maybe another dev can? @Developers @Contributor