Mechanic Car Invoicing

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Can you please add the module for invoicing for Car repairing.


If there is a Automobile Service and he has some clients, then some clients has more than one automobile.

How to sell services to a specific company, if the company has more than one automobile?

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“Cars” are not particularly common. I would suggest to call it “projects” and add a possibility to create projects for each client, which then can be assign to an invoice (Dropdown with all projects of this client). So you could create projects like:
“blue VW Lupo 2012” and “red Seat Ibiza 2003” or just the license plate number.
A report with all invoices of a particular client’s project would be awesome.

And this module already exists. Its just not finished yet because it was written by another developer and I don’t have any time to work on it.

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