Need help customizing web template please

running version 1.4.6

I have copied the ‘default.php’ and have renamed it to ‘bha.php’. I have told invoiceplane to use this as the default template in settings. I then edited the ‘bha.php’ template and added ‘

<?php print_r($invoice); ?>
’ to the bottom and saved it. I go to launch a new invoice and I expect to see all of the extra fields available and it still looks just like it was after installation. As if no changes were made to it at all.

my template lives in ‘/application/views/invoice_templates/public/bha.php’

Any help please?

thank you

Did you selected the template in the system settings?

I have told invoiceplane to use this new template as the default template in the settings.

selecting my template as the ‘Default Public Template’ is correct right?

No, it must be the default PDF template.

Thank you! I got it edited appropriately when I ‘print to PDF’.

Is there anyway to add some custom ‘client’ fields to the invoice when I view them within invoiceplane after I click on an invoice to view?

It’s all written in the wiki, under the Templates section