Database error on linux server with Centos 7.2

I have installed a bulk mailer on Linux vps server with CentOs 7.2 when installing software shows database error and cleared on phpmyadmin. but when and doing operations on the software it shows database error everytime. Anyone help me to find a permanent solution for this error.

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1364Field 'lists_subscribe_count' doesn't have a default valueINSERT INTO `lists` (`user_id`, `lists_name`, `lists_description`) VALUES ('1', 'gdfgdfg', 'dfgdfg')Filename: /home/sendemailfast/public_html/emailmarketer/models/list_model.phpLine Number: 35

Sorry but this is not the support forum for any email marketer scripts.
Please contact the original author for support.