Make custom Invoice ID


Im fairly new to Invoiceplane and I’m currently using another CRM which uses the following InvoiceID Order: YearMonthActualID for example: 2016050006

How can I achieve this in Invoiceplane?

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This is very well documented in the wiki:

The only problem is. That when I make an invoice. It only shows 201605 instead of 201605000x

{{{year}}}{{{month}}}{{{ID}}} is my current ID setting. And my left padding is 4

The left padding should add 0005 instead of 05

Well. I Want YearMonthID So 2016050001. But it only gives me 201605 and not the 0001 part. Or do I need to publish it before it adds the 0001?

So you edited the invoice group with the template above and a left padding of 4 and saved it right?
If yes, every new invoice you create should get 2016050002 as the invoice id.

It seems to work now. However. When I edit an invoice. It just shows a blank invoice which makes a new one, instead of editing the old. Also. I can’t delete paid invoices?


Also. When I want to edit an invoice. It shows me and empty invoice and it says record edited succesful