Tax in recurring Invoices

Nice soft, but I have problems with v.1.4.6 and wanted to get some answers.

In clean install:
In table “ip_invoices” col “payment_method” did not recur.
In table “ip_invoice_amounts” col “invoice_tax_total” did not recur who leads to incorrect “invoice_total” and “invoice_balance”

Is and when it can be fixed?

Same problem here at this moment.

I don’t have tax per product but per invoice.
The invoice is created on recurring, but the tax is ‘set’ somehow. When I open the freshly made invoice made by the cron and hit the save button in the top right of the screen, suddenly tax appeares!

Running on 1.4.6

Ramon Smit

In Cron.php, I added:

And this fixed the problem for me.

Yes. This line fixed amounts. But didn’t solve payment issue.

If I’m understanding this correctly you’re talking about the payment type?

Yes. Payment Method

In the same Cron.php file, you will find the remark: // Create the new invoice
In the array right under there add: 'payment_method' => $invoice->payment_method,

This solved the problem for me. Are you willing to try this? Thanks!

This line solves the problem.