InvoicePlane 2: features and development status

Hello InvoicePlane team,
First of all: I am really impressed by you work.

I have been testing InvoicePlane 1.4.6 for a while now and really like it. But there are still some key-features missing so I cannot use it for my business.

As I am still looking for a solution to manage my invoices and quotes (and maybe projects) I was wondering about the current development-status of InvoicePlane 2 and and the upcoming features.

Is there a list of features planned for InvoicePlane 2 anywhere?
Can you give an approximate release date?

Is there a demo of v. 2.0 or can I download and install the current development version from the github repository?

Thanks, Timo

here is the issue list for IP 2:

No, there is no release date yet because I have no time to work on InvoicePlane and therefore no progress is made.

Just to confirm Kovah, IP2 is going to stake CodeIgnator?

No recode to Laravel?

Yes it will use CodeIgniter. A Laravel rewrite is too complicated and takes too much time.