I'd like to help

Stumbled across InvoicePlane whilst looking for invoicing PHP scripts and love the work so far. Some of the features are brilliant and the ease of use is a huge bonus.

I’m an Estate Agent but code in my spare time. I’ve created a property management (or am in the process of) for my business since I couldn’t find anything that I liked.

I have been looking at the code of InvoicePlane and slowly been working on a few new modules which are property themed but considering your working on InvoicePlane 2 at the moment, wondered whether it would be better waiting?

Do you have a development build of IP2 available which I could go through and help?

I’m no pro and totally new to Codeigniter but would like the opportunity to help!

Hello there!
Thanks for the interest in the project.

At the moment there’s not much to do with InvoicePlane 2 because I have to rewrite the core of the app. But you could help with optimizing the current version 1.4.6. If you want to take a look at payment you could try to finish the Omnipay integration.

I any case, please contact me! :slight_smile: I already promoted you.

Excellent, happy to help have a look at that. I use WorldPay at work at the moment so this would be a huge benefit to me in the long run too.