Pagination problem !?

Hi guys,
I made a new module plugged into a new table to manage a list of data in addition to the invoices.
Everything works except pagination !?!?

I realized the view section respecting the characteristics of the other, but the pager is not working. I noticed that if I enter manually the value of 15 or more, directly on the URL pagination is activated, but just came back and displays records under 15 no longer works !??
Would you have any suggestions ??
as always thanks

Can I have some further details on this?

I’ve created a number of modules and all have seemingly worked well enough with pagination.

If you want, can you email me or direct message me your controller which handles the view and I’ll have a look.

I realized the copying controller only changing the name of the table … ??

 public function index($page = 0)
        $this->mdl_invoice_electronics->paginate(site_url('invoice_electronics/index'), $page);
        $invoice_electronics = $this->mdl_invoice_electronics->result();

        $this->layout->set('invoice_electronics', $invoice_electronics);
        $this->layout->buffer('content', 'invoice_electronics/index');

the URL will be like all …/index/$page

if $page takes <15 value does not work … if $page takes >15 value it works ???


I explain better:

paging button on the left is ok…

the button on the right remains disabled ???
so it is impossible to turn pages

if I go to manually enter index/15 or index/30
left works - right no !?!??!?