Can you recommend a similar product for general accounting?

I love this product. Enough to have donated…and now I am looking for something with the same easy-to-use interface and self-hosting capabilities as InvoicePlane, to do my small business accounting with. Any suggestions from the developer or the peanut gallery?

Product should be: web based, self-hosted, open source or at least free as in free beer, easy like InvoicePlane, adhere to GAP, not force me to do two-column accounting…

I have found something interesting: Webzash. It’s open source, generates a lot of useful reports, and looks simple enough, until you get to the actual accounting (where I’m lost in Dr/Cr land once more). Not sure about advertising rules on this board, so I’ll leave it to you to Google it yourselves. I’d love to find something that has an interface that looks more like a checkbook and less like an accountant’s spreadsheets! Otherwise, I’m stuck with my bank’s online banking interface (which has no useful reports, and is murder on tiny screens).

@cjolliff for example odoo is open, robust and even complex code in some cases