Track when an invoice is viewed

I would like to see when an invoice is viewed, is it already possibile?
Maybe on the DB?

No, this feature is not implemented.

Are you saying when the Invoice PDF is viewed? Or when they open the invoice email?

I’m asking if IP record on the DB the date and time when the online invoice is viewed. I think can be done adding it in the same action where IP change the status of the invoice to “viewed”.

When the attachment is opened I think is impossibile… when the link is clicked can be tracked if is used some click tracking with services like Mandrill, SendGrid etc.

Sure it’s possible but not implemented yet and it won’t be implemented in the near future.

sorry @Kovah, I wasn’t pushing this request :smiley:

I was replying to @evelio204 :wink:

Mandrill and SendGrid were what I was getting at, I think currently that is the best work around for this. They do have basic email tracking of when it’s opened and like you say the link click tracking.

Yes but they don’t store info indefinitely. IP is already writing on the DB setting invoice as viewed so is a matter of store date and time simultaneously.