Calendar / Events / To Do list

A calendar would be a useful feature (well for me) on invoice plane …

Where i can write a note for a specific date , maybe date in which the order will be picked up / something like that …

Or something more of a to- do list …

That would be highly beneficial .

What do you guys think ?

Last Update: 01.04.2016

A service Calendar would be the ideal addition for my small business since we are also in the service industry. We would like to use this to schedule installations etc. Kinda creating a Job Sheet. I’m not a developer but i love this software so far. I know a coder who should be able to help develop this together with an expenses “module”/addition. I would pay for his time. Let me know if i can help.

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Hi Devs,

This request was from couple of years ago…

Doesn’t look like the DevBot added a job request though.

This is one reason I’ve been asked to try to find a new application which is sad because it’s awesome in so many other ways

To Dos are already available with due dates that are shown on the dashboard.