Default Terms in Quote

The Invoice has a default field for terms which can be filled automatically by defining default text in the system settings.

I would like to have the same field for quotes in the pdf. Now i added a custom field for the quote and wanted to add the terms that way by manually putting it into the pdf template for generation.

Here the custom field doesn’t allow me to add enough characters. Looks like only about 250 are allowed.

How do I go about having a similar “Terms” field like in the invoice?

many thanks in advance

In your case there’s no way to do it without digging into the code.


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Thanks for the prompt reply and also thank you for this amazing software to the whole team! I am very happy about it!

As for my request. I think i will hardcode it into the pdf template for the moment, which seems to be the only relatively easy option i have right now if im correct ?!

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