Creating Invoice after Filter Clients

Hi Guys i need help!

Look before i proceed with my question, i think we should look out, the better way to get clients while creating invoice or quote.
The reason why i’m suggesting this option, because if we have more clients on Database, the drop down menu on Modal Create Quote/invoice it freeze and to load clients this is really slowly!

So the good option was using view Clients and filter clients. But for some reason if you filter the clients and then click menu option on right side of row, to create a quote or Invoice, the ajax call to modal is not working!
Only work if you do not filter clients.

So i don’t know if someone has some issue or no.
Please i need help from you guys to make it work, while filtering clients!

This problem will be fixed in InvoicePlane 2.

Thanks Kovah!
But is there any idea how i can fix it, for now, while we wait for InvoicePlane2?