How to install?

So, I’ve downloaded and unzipped v1.4.6 into a subdirectory of my website (intranet).

The installation instructions tell me to "Run the InvoicePlane installer from your web browser and follow his instructions: … "

I can’t find any type of “installer” . There is a setup folder under a bunch of other folders,
e.g. invoiceplane/application/modules/setup But I can’t see anything that would help me install it.

I am hosting this on our intranet server, Ubuntu 14.04 LTE and Apache2 .

I’m not an expert (yet) in administering Apache2 or Ubuntu and am still learning a lot on how to run programs in this environment. I have installed other software on this system usually through Ubuntu Software Centre. But I don’t know how I can get invoiceplane installed.


Which URL do you use to access your webserver?
As specified you have to open where "" should be replaced with our own domain of your server.