Invoice saved in database but not displayed in the panel

Hello guys,
I have a problem with the invoices.
When I create a new invoice, it isn’t saved. It always shows this:

Even if I save it or even if I try to add another invoice, is is shown only one, even in the database they appear.
I try to delete them from the database, the invoice number won’t start from 1 but it will start from the last number of the deleted invoice.
I have activated the debug mode, but it’s empty.
Im using NameCheap Shared Hosting
cPanel Version 11.52.4 (build 0)
Apache Version 2.2.31
PHP Version 5.4.45
MySQL Version 10.1.6-MariaDB-cll-lve
Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux
Perl Version 5.10.1
Kernel Version 2.6.32

Could you please verify that not only the invoice exists in the database but also entries with the corresponding invoice id in the invoice_items table?

Yeah they exist in the database

Hi Kovah and Jurgen

I seem to have the same problem, please advise how Jurgen’s issue was resolved.


Any fix on this?

No sorry, I cant reproduce the error and have no time to try to figure out a fix for this.

Maybe is a problem with the shared server. Thank you anyway.