V1.4.6 help - Website hangs when saving quotation, got 500 error when creating invoice

The latest InvoicePlane is installed on a sub-directory like: http://website/invoiceplane/
There is no problem with creating products and clients.
But when creating invoice, I got the 500 error, however, I can’t find anythings in error log.
When creating quotation, the website hangs with a gear rotates. Also found 500 error in access log.

Server: centos 7 apache
php: 5.5
InvoicePlane: latest version 1.4.6

apache error log is empty

access log: - - [21/Mar/2016:11:44:46 +0800] "POST /invoiceplane/index.php/quotes/ajax/save HTTP/1.1" 500 1897 - - [21/Mar/2016:11:44:30 +0800] "POST /invoiceplane/index.php/invoices/ajax/create HTTP/1.1" 500 2003

Could you please follow the guide in the InvoicePlane wiki for the debug mode: https://wiki.invoiceplane.com/en/1.0/general/faq#debugmode

Without any logs I’m not able to help in any way.

I have the same issue. Just installed the latest version, everything went smooth and I can create everything, but I can’t save quotes. I’m also getting the spinning gear with the 500 error in the web inspector:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) - http://hostname.domain.com/mysubdirectory/quotes/ajax/save

Nothing in the logs, I have debug mode turned on, this is all I can find. hope this helps! I can’t wait to start using InvoicePlane!


Seems the same problem on my test install of InvoicePlane. Error 500 in access.log when adding a stored product. When I add manually the product line, no error.

Setup : fresh install on LAMP on ubuntu server 16.04 LTS, no URL rewrite