Version 1.4.6 accounts/products/settings problem


I can’t create accounts, invoices or products.

It won’t give me any error page, it just do not create them or show up in the page. I can’t also seem to be able to save any settings at all :unamused:

.htaccess file is the original that came with the app

This was installed via Softaculous

It can access the Db because allow me to add clients

any help?


Please follow the procedure described in the wiki: about the debug mode and logs.

Done. I went to the folder and I have an index.html file. It says: Directory access is forbidden.

I am in a sub domain:

And the instalation is on the root of that domain.


Does your webserver records any errors while trying to create an invoice now that the debug mode is turned on?

No, this is how the .htaccess is configured:

I just tried in the demo and also It don’t shows the client name while I am typing it in the user form

I mean this: POST /index.php/clients/ajax/name_query

The name query was disabled many versions before, all clients are loaded directly into the form.

Does the creation of an invoice works or what is the exact problem now?

As I said:

Other than not beiong able to create accounts, invoices or products;

I can’t query anything as in your demo: —> THIS IS THE DEMO


This is what I get from my site, nothing:

This is what the demo ( looks like and this is the latest version 1.4.6:

That is what I just said.

Again… How can I create accounts, invoices or products in the admin panel!? I am on the last version and it seems a file permision but can’t fix it

I have been working with php for the past 10
years, this is my first time asking for help in a community and honestly I don’t know if is a language issue or what but you haven’t answer anything. How can you reply few times and still don’t say anything at all!?

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  1. You can’t create accounts etc.
  2. You enabled the debug mode but there are no errors logged in the InvoicePlane logs and the server error logs, right?

So, what exactly happens when you try to add an account? Is there only a blank page? You only said there is no error page shown?

No error is shown, it goes to the same page but nothing(no products,
invoices, accounts etc) are created. Not even an error file

Any Help?

If there are no error logs or anything I can’t help in any way.

It is not creating the log because is saying: <Directory access is forbidden>

So’ I guess is a permission issue, but in what settings?

No, this has nothing to do with the log generation.
But could you please check if the logs folder is writable?

If you enable thee debug mode, InvoicePlane will enable the error reporting und debug logging. If you enable the debug mode and open just the dashboard, there should be logs inside the logs folder.

I have mod 755 on the logs folder

No, I don’t see anything.

Can I give you the website and password to see if is a bad setting?

Sure you can send me a personal message if you want.

I was going to, but when I went to chage my password in to a temp one is not allowing me to.

It does the same as the other things, It refreshes the page and no change is applied

Well since no one can help me fix the issue I am uninstalling this an going to look another option for my business.