Allow Switch for Payments to be Independent of Invoices

It would be nice if there was a setting for us to switch off linking payments to an invoice. This way we could record transtions and it would still be used in the stats.

I don’t issue invoices to all customers…some people owe money for offline goods. Currently, I can’t track the payments they give partial or full with remaining balance unless i make an invoice.

If there was a setting in the system to allow us to record payments against a customer without linking to an invoice yet still show remaining balances that would be awesome.

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I don’t quite understand how the calculation would work. If there are no invoices how should there be a balance of > 0? If you add payments the balance would become negative with every payment you add.

Thank you for replying.

What if the payment was linked to the customer and not to the invoice?

That would be possible but would not solve the problem that every payment would decrease the balance because you have no counterpart for the payment.

What about something like a “manual payment card”

Something which as a page or section links to the customer to the customer without an invoice…just one line transactions which record/list payments against the customer.

For display we would simply save the transaction as a debit or credit amount so we will alway know how much the customer owes. This would be a seperate amount to the current linked invoices.

From the “statement” page we could maybe add an e-mail button to trigger a template as an e-mail reminder.

I dont know if its possible…just thinking aloud to see if you know what i mean.

Another way maybe to add an adhoc debt box which we could enter an amount the customer owes and then link it to the payments page so we could enter a customer payment linked to an adhoc debt instead of just an invoice. maybe that could deduct an overall remaining balance. for customers who dont have invoices issued, it would simply show the remaining debt balance.

your thoughts would be appreciated.

This may caused many problems like people take debt and if they didn’t pay the debt then what should you do? This will become a great headache if they didn’t return your amount then you have to do the debt collection process so people can seriously take this and return your amount. You can send them some payment related notifications also.