Invoice download with zero balance

From any of the invoice views (i.e. all invoices) Click options and download PDF on an invoice that has already been paid, i.e. the balance is zero.

This returns “500 - Internal server error” on an Arvixe hosted Windows server. Sending an email with the invoice attached works fine and downloading invoices with a non zero balance also works fine.

PHP version 5.5
MySQL version 5.x
Page: /index.php/invoices/generate_pdf

Unfortunately no access to Web Server Log files

PHP Log file reveals nothing

My PHP not up to scratch and will appreciate someone checking the zero balance condition and why it will cause this issue.

As mentioned in the FAQ: could you please enable the debug mode and show us the InvoicePlane logs?

Debug mode started. Web service and application pool restarted, Error generated. No log file present in application/logs

500 errors are not application based errors so not surprisingly that there is no log file with given error. If you can download an invoice with a zero balance from an IIS server then obviously something different in the hosted environment and I am unlikely to be able to trace it and the problem is likely to remain unsolved unless I improve my PHP skills. Will try when I have time.