Draft invoices - new perspective

I believe that Draft invoice have much more potential than they’re using now. In this moment, is just useful for a short period of time, in which the invoice is being done, but it comes with some issues, as:

  • The date and sequence are already fixed it
  • Can’t see html preview, even this has been created (need to change to “Sent”)

My suggestion is that invoice drafts shouldn’t have date, sequence, and should come with a different template preview (and some users can use them as pro-forma). This way the moment a draft becomes a real invoice is when gets date and number, respecting the correct order.

Also could add a new state in invoice, which could be “Done” as it’s done but not send or paid yet.

This request was already done here: Improvements for draft invoices

Could you please improve your first topic with missing ideas?

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