How to I auto send recurring Invoices

The main reason for using InvoicePlane is to create recurring monthly and yearly recurring invoices.

Manually setting up an invoice works and is emailed out and received in my testing.

I’ve set a number of test invoices to recur for the 3 consecutive days but nothing happens each day when the cron URL fires each morning.

How do I get this to work or am I getting this wrong and it cannot be automated?

The best way to check if something is wrong by enabling the debug mode in the general settings and take a look at the logs after the cron was fired. Additionally please take a look at the webserver error logs.

There’s nothing in there error log only this in the access log… - - [10/Mar/2016:19:58:11 +0000] "GET HTTP/1.1" 301 349 "-" "JustAnInstaller/0.1"

Any help?

This is the access Log, not the error log. Did you enabled the debug mode? What about the InvoiPlane log files?

Debug mode is on. As I said nothing in the error log.

I’m assuming it may be problem on this hosting which does not allow cURL for example. Could it be that?

Is there a blank page when you open the URL in your browser? If yes, with debug mode turned on, the cron was run successfully.

Yes blank page.

Then I must be setting up the recurring invoices incorrectly. How can I check they’re correct.

Or rather how can I check they’re in the “correct state” to auto send.

What does the recurring invoices screen shows? You can send me a screen via direct message if you don’t want to post it here.