Is it possible to customise Invoice Plane as follows:

Good Day to all,

I wish to customize Invoice plane to not require a quantity to multiply to any of the products.

Basically I wish to use it to sell stationery, but when I wish to quote/invoice for 500 postcards, I dont want to have a quantity field as I dont work a unit price * quantity, the product will have a total cost. IE The product will be called 500 Postcards and the price will already be Euro 50, only for the VAT to be added in the total. If the product is 1000 Postcards, the price would be Euro 75, so its not possible to do a simple unit price multiplication

Can I set the quantity to default always to Quantity: 1, and possibly not show up in the invoice/quote page and also ommitted from the PDFs generated ?

Thanks in advance!

Have you already found a solution? You can customize your invoice-template and leave the quantity out (or go with an if-then-function like ‘if quantity = 1 { // do nothing } else { show quantity }’ ).

However, in Math you always need a multiplier like X × Y - therefore of course also in invoicing.
Otherwise it would be 50,- € × 0 = 0,- €.