Sales by client report shows every client regardless of their active status


I see that every customer is listed in the reports and there’s no option to omit them from the reports. So it’s best to introduce a new option to record whether the customer is active or not. This way the report could only show the active customers.

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In which report is that?
I just checked mine and only miss a report for all active / inactive customers (f. e. for a newsletter).
The payment history report only shows payments (therefore active), the invoice history report only shows recently written invoices regardless of the payment status (but also therefore active customers) … which report do you mean?
Am I missing one in my version?

Check the sales by client report. It does show all the customers.

Sorry about the mix-up but it seems the customer active/deactivate feature is already there and I’ve missed that some how until now. But the remain issue is same, Sales by client report does show every client regardless of their status.

I’d say that the active / inactive thing isn’t used too much overall. Like, when I write an invoice or a quote, the system also offers to address an inactive customer. This is actually where I’d like to have them inactive guys out.

If I had written an invoice to an ‘inactive’ customer within the given time range of the report I would absolutely expect the software to also list that customer regardless of the status elsewhere. The purpose of that report is ‘list sales’, not ‘list sales to active customers only’. That would be a finer report as it was requested elsewhere: A kind of a tool whereas you can like drag-and-drop fields to create a customized report on the fly.

But, without being a coder, I guess this is not just a Saturday afternoon coding thing…

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Yes. I second this. Inactive customers are listed on the new invoice & quote window. It would be great it only shows the active customers only.