Recurring invoices with updated products prices

Hi community.

I just started using invoice plane for my business some days ago, the application is very nice, great work!

But testing recurring invoices I see product prices are taken from the base invoice, not from products table, so if I update a price, the next (recurring) invoice won´t get that updated price but the old price. How can I solve this?

How to set invoice place to read prices from products table instead of base invoice for recurring invoices? Not sure what to modify.

Please I need a solution for this, in order to send recurring invoices to clients with updated products prices. I am sure I am not the only one needing this.

I think it would be a nice feature in settings, that you can decide if you want prices from products table or from base invoice for recurring invoices.


I don’t think that changing the price of a product should change all new invoices. The reason is simple: in a lot of usecases, this behaviour is not wanted: people have made contracts and price agreements, so it wouldn’t make sense to change the price on all “recurring” (= with contract, right?) invoices, as that would violate the agreements you have made with your customer.

I opened a similar request (feature request), but less drastic, to change the base invoice in the “recurring invoices” section to a new base invoice. This way you can alter the prices on the invoices that need to be changed, and select this new invoice as the base for further recurring invoices. This should be an acceptable compromise I guess for your situation. :wink:

Well, prices could vary from year to year and it applies to all my customers, that is my case. So I need this to be solved.

I think it is very logic that if you change prices it should be reflected in your new invoices, it could be price increments or even lowering prices as you need to do.

Of course if you have agreements with customers with fixed prices you don´t need to change prices, but even agreements could include price evaluation or consideration from time to time.

I think your feature request could be an option @Laurens, but I need a solution as I am asking, please @Kovah.

I think it is a good suggested option but should not be applied by default. As some recurring payment is according to the contract agreement, without both side mutual agreement, the service or product price should not be changed. If this option can be added, it also help some trading if the product price is according to the market price.

I know this thread is old, but what is the solution / work-around for this?

I have the same situation: updated all my prices and want to see those new prices reflected in the next recurring invoice for each client.

It would be great to have an option to recalculate all recurring invoices ( or maybe those selected from a list) to use the latest prices.

Failing that, I would love to hear a suggestion for an easy work-around to solve this issue.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@WayneM can you explain exactly what you need? We need the steps to reproduce this, what you see, what you want to see.
Then let’s split this thread, because it sounds like a feature request

Honestly, I have not yet had a recurring invoice come up to test what I’m concerned about. I’m making an assumption, based off of my idea of how the recurring invoices work, and the information provided in the above posts that support my thoughts on this.

Here’s the situation:

I have clients with annual recurring invoices that have fixed fees based on service rates I have established some years ago.

I plan to increase all my service rates.

I am pretty certain that when I change the rates of my services, any future recurring invoices based on a “base invoice” created prior to my rate increase, will still show the old rates.

What I would hope for is: When I change my rates, the next recurring invoices will show the new pricing.

The static nature of the “base invoice” is the problem. They can not be edited or updated to show the new rate structure.

I hope that helps make it more clear :slight_smile:


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Wayne do you have a local environment to test things on? This needs to be set up locally somewhere…

Sorry, no. I do not have a testing environment.