Paid invoice bug and not showing on dash board

Hello sir i have a problem on Invoice plane. When i select an invoice is paid and its marked as paid on dash board the Paid remains 0.00 and in database when i check the invoice price is not in the paid column it is written NULL

can you please help me fix these

thank you here is an image

database image

Is the invoice from a different time period than your dashboard is showing?

For example, was your invoice generated in January, but your dashboard only showing “this month”, ie February?

Have a look in your System Settings.

hello i chnaged these but still same problem and the problem comes also that paid invoice is still 0.00 in data base

Did you ensure that the total was entered in the “amount paid”. You may have set it as “paid”, but told the software that $0 was paid?

Did you manually select the “Paid” status of the invoice? If this is the case, you should never assign the paid status manually! Instead you need to enter a payment. This will mark the invoice as “Paid” and set is as read only.

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