During installation no email and password request for admin register

Hi there,
my issue is in installation process.

When i try to install everything works fine but i don’t have the page to setup the email and password fields for admin user.

The installation goes directly to the login page.

How to fix?

From which screen do you get redirected to the login screen?

After the confirm of database table updating

Lorix91 has reported the same issue…please help

Could you please follow this procedure:

  1. Set the log_threshold from 0 to 2 in the file /application/config/config.php
  2. Now run the setup again with a clean install and clean database.
  3. Then copy the logs from /application/logs (not the index.html file) and save them to https://paste.inviceplane.com and share the link here.

Hi there… done… here you got the link https://paste.invoiceplane.com/view/7be3946d

That’s very weird. I can’t imagine why the setup would skip this step with a blank database…

Anyway: here is a pre-configured database dump: https://share.invoiceplane.com/index.php/s/f2gK68tedYwAUWu

Mail: noreply@invoiceplane.com
Password: testpassword

You can change all details after logging in.

Hi there… now everything is ok… one question…I want that GUEST USER can see only CLIENT SCHEDULE…how to do that?

What do you mean with client schedule?

When GUEST makes the login the only tab he will see will be the CLIENT VIEW SCHEDULE

sorry but I don’t know any tab that is called “CLIENT VIEW SCHEDULE”. Could you please post a screenshot of what you mean?