Product Database taking very long to load when adding Product to new Invoice/Quote

PHP Version: 5.4.45
Apahce Version : 2.4.18
MYSql Version : 5.5.47-cll
InvoicePlane Version : 1.4.5

When trying to add a product on new invoice or new Quote, it takes around 2 minutes to bring up the list of products, as it displays all products at once.

I have around 131,000 products, so it would only work if loaded a bit at a time, is this a feature coming or maybe the ability to search for products when adding instead of displaying them all

Or is there are way to speed this up ?


Well that’s a lot and way more than InvoicePlane was tested with.
A better solution will be implemented in version 2 but for now there is no quick fix for that.

Cheers for that - looking forward it Version 2

Is it possible to open the product selector with an empty list?
So we have to search for a specific product and then it searches.
Should go a lot faster no?