Variable Prices in Products when added to invoice


I was wondering if there is a way to have variable item prices in Invoice Plane. I’ve got some products and services that may be described the same, but their prices vary considerably based on things like distance, hours taken to carry out etc.
There is no real way to sub-divide these items.

Basically, I need to be able to pick a product and then manually set the price at the invoice creation part of the process, but at the moment I can’t do this as the invoice just saves as blank.

Anyone know how I can allow variable prices for products? Or even just the ability to manually create items at the invoice screen without them needing to be products?


Actually, Its not working now. My mistake.

It only seems to intermittently work. Or rather, the changes will take, but I need to refresh my browser a few times for the changes to show up.

Is this a caching issue or something that can be fixed with changing the .htaccess file?

What is not working now?

Please follow the instructions in the FAQ: