InvoicePlane v1.4.6 released

A new release of the InvoicePlane application is available: v1.4.6
You can download the latest version from the InvoicePlane website.

Update Guide | Changelog

This version includes fixes introduced in 1.4.5 and some smaller improvements.


Tested the update, working fine! Thanks.

It’s working good :)!
I only have the problem with the taxing, since my product inclusive tax should be 33,65. The problem is when I try to multiply any amount by 1.06 (for 6% tax) I will either get 33,64 or 33,66 so that’s kinda annoying :cry:

A question, I read somewhere that InvoicePlane 2 would not be released, but InvoicePlane 2 is not InvoicePlane v2.0.0 right? Do you have an estimated time for InvoicePlane v2.0.0?

Nice project :smile:

To clarify: InvoicePlane 2 is 2.0.0
But the first time I started working on IP 2 I realised that rewriting everything would not work. That was in summer 2015. Now I started again but I will only partly rewrite the app which is much faster and less time consuming.

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i have just small notice. There is wrong date (year) by two last releases in the changelog.


The Merchant account options does not appears when Invoice Plane is in french…

It seems the translation file is incomplete. Please try to click on the empty space between email and mises…

It’s work !

Thanks for the awesome job

After upgrade to 1.4.6 version, i have a problem adding user account.
When i try to add a customer, the customers list doesn’t apper, and i can’t select it!
Can you help me?

I’m modifying your code quite a bit. I’m documenting my changes and commenting out code I replace. I was just wondering when you update to 2.0 will you have documentation on the changes you did so I can easily implement my changes ? Thanks

The best documentation of changes is the Git commit history.

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I have an issue: After updating to this version, all my templates look strange! Was there any changes in templating? How can I fix it without redesigning my templates? I’ve reverted to the last version for now…

Which was the last version you used before the update?

It was 1.4.3

Hi. I experience CSS-kind of problems. Language: English, nothing is in place. Updated from 1.2.x, during installation everything was fine, no errors reported. Can somebody help me?

Please open a new thread for this

New Thread? Did you mean me or jonathan (I think).

Here’s a comparison:



Obviosly nearly everthing has changed altough it’s the unchanged template.

And in addition: It seems that the new version cannot handle logos in png-format. gif works.

Okay, I solved it: It seems that fpdf doesn’t support plain old html expressions like <table width='100%'> anymore. So I changed it to <table style='width: 100%'>. And now everything looks right. Also, the logo can’t have transparency while png anymore. Without it works.