User admin password reset

Does anyone know how to reset the admin password???

Thanks in advance!!!


There is a “Forgot your Password?” link on the login panel. Use this.

I have a customer that created an account with the wrong email address. Now he doesn’t remember his password and we are unable to recover it from the “Forgot your password” option. Anyway, I have complete access to his server. Is there any other way to reset his password???


In the database table “ip_users”, change following fields for the affected user:

field name      new value
user_passwords  $2a$10$d6cd3fba5b68a36e40ba8uk4f2Wx/VSrL9ufd110IPMtetGaLO/cS
user_psalt      d6cd3fba5b68a36e40ba82

You should now be able to login with the password “password”.


sorry to raise this from the dead but I have the same problem and I changed “user_passwords” and “user_psalt” to something generic but I still cannot log in. Am I supposed to change it to something more specific?


Sure you have to enter something specific. something very specific. The password and psalt are not only random characters. Please use the ones provided by jadawin and change the password in the user settings after that.

thanks, its resolved!