Error 1583 | Incorrect parameters in the call to native function 'IFNULL'

Hi there,

I recently I found after I logged in I got this error:

**A Database Error Occurred**
**Error Number: 1583**

**Incorrect parameters in the call to native function 'IFNULL'**

**SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS ip_invoice_custom.*, ip_client_custom.*, ip_user_custom.*, ip_users.user_name, ip_users.user_company, ip_users.user_address_1, ip_users.user_address_2, ip_users.user_city, ip_users.user_state, ip_users.user_zip, ip_users.user_country, ip_users.user_phone, ip_users.user_fax, ip_users.user_mobile, ip_users.user_email, ip_users.user_web, ip_users.user_vat_id, ip_users.user_tax_code, ip_clients.*, ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_amount_id, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_item_subtotal, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_item_subtotal, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_item_tax_total, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_item_tax_total, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_tax_total, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_tax_total, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_total, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_total, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_paid, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_paid, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_balance, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_balance, ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_sign AS invoice_sign, (CASE WHEN ip_invoices.invoice_status_id NOT IN (1, 4) AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), invoice_date_due) > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) is_overdue, DATEDIFF(NOW(), invoice_date_due) AS days_overdue, (CASE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ip_invoices_recurring WHERE ip_invoices_recurring.invoice_id = ip_invoices.invoice_id and ip_invoices_recurring.recur_next_date <> '0000-00-00') WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END) AS invoice_is_recurring, ip_invoices.* FROM (`ip_invoices`) JOIN `ip_clients` ON `ip_clients`.`client_id` = `ip_invoices`.`client_id` JOIN `ip_users` ON `ip_users`.`user_id` = `ip_invoices`.`user_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_invoice_amounts` ON `ip_invoice_amounts`.`invoice_id` = `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_client_custom` ON `ip_client_custom`.`client_id` = `ip_clients`.`client_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_user_custom` ON `ip_user_custom`.`user_id` = `ip_users`.`user_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_invoice_custom` ON `ip_invoice_custom`.`invoice_id` = `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` ORDER BY `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` DESC LIMIT 10**

**Filename: /customers/c/3/7/**

**Line Number: 88**

The crazy thing is this happened overnight. It was working fine one day and then the next, nothing.

I then upgraded, as I noticed that 1.4.5 was available and I still got this error.

I’ve followed all the relevent information from htaccess, setup guides, I’ve re-installed. I’ve been using Invoice Plane since Version 1.3.1 and never had a problem upgrading before.

Anyone had any similar issues or is this one staring me right in the face?


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The user solved this by re-installing InvoicePlane. Did you changed anything the night before or do you have recurring invoices set up?