Invoice PDF Template (Rounded Borders)


Kia ora InvoicePlaners!

Many of you asked me to share the template that I posted a while back in this post. I decided to recreate it because I made it back in ver 1.2.1.

Thus far I’ve created the standard invoice template and almost finished the overdue and paid variations. I’ll then move on to creating the quote templates. It is not exactly the same as the previous template from the former post, but very similar.

I thought I would post it now as I’d love some feedback from other users trying it out.

Just a few notes:

  • All the styling is available for modification with the template
    itself if you wish to change the colours etc.
  • This is probably not suitable for 2+ page invoices as the borders
    will not play nicely (splitting over the page).
  • Personally for my purposes, I remove the lines of code that output
    the user and client country as it is unnecessary for me, I also
    remove the code for ‘paid’ and ‘balance’ as it uses too much
  • I hope to try and adjust the code so it doesn’t display item
    discount column if there is no discount.
  • While I can provide some support for the template, I’m not an expert
    in coding so please bear that in mind.
  • For those that need the words TAX INVOICE, you will need to make an
    addition to the custom language file.

You can download the zip file from here


Would love for you to upgrade this template for the new 1.5.x system. I finally upgraded to 1.5.x and really miss this template. Thanks


Don’t suppose you’ve managed to do the quote template yet?